How to View Notification History on Android

One of the most important things on your Android smartphone should be notifications. These notifications display news or information in real time on your smartphone applications. Sometimes you may receive so many notifications that you just need to click the Clear All button to organize the notification panel. In the joy of cleaning your notification panel, important notifications may have popped up and now you don’t remember what they were. And so I have a guide on how to view notification course, sometimes it can be difficult to remember what the notification was or which app sent it. This happened to me too. So what can you do to see old notifications on Android that you accidentally ignored? Well, Android smartphone users can easily check their notification history. Would you like to know how? Lire!

How to View Old Notifications on Android

If you are using an older version of Android e.g. For example, on Android 10 or earlier, your device may not be able to view or review your notification history. However, if you have a device running Android 11 or later, you can enable notification history on your Android smartphone. Follow the steps below.

View Notification History On Android
Check Notification History On Android

Enabling notification history on your Android smartphone is easy and simple. You don’t have to go through too many menus and options to activate it. Here are the steps you need to follow to enable notification history on your Android smartphone.

View Notification History On Android
  1. Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Now, scroll and tap on the Notifications option.
  3. With the Notifications menu open, you should see the Notifications History option. If you don’t see the option, it could be inside any of the available options like Advanced Notifications settings.
View Notification History On Android
  1. Tap on the toggle to switch it on. If it was already enabled you will see your previous notifications here.
  2. Now that you have notification history enabled, you can always head into this menu to see through all the notifications that you receive including that you cleared.

If you want to turn off Notification history, switch the Notification History toggle to off.

View Notification History On Android

This is the standard method to enable or disable notification history on Android smartphones with a stock interface such as: B. Google Pixel phones. If you are using a Samsung Android smartphone, the steps may be slightly different. Don’t worry because we have instructions on how to enable notification history on Samsung smartphones.

Check Notification History on Samsung Galaxy Phones

For this process, we will be making use of the Galaxy S24 Ultra running on Android 14 with One UI 6.1. Here are the steps:

View Notification History On Android
  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung smartphone.
  2. Now scroll and tap on the Notifications option.
  3. Now, tap on Advanced Settings.
  4. You should see the Notification history section, open it.
View Notification History On Android
  1. Now, Turn On the toggle if its off and you have enabled Notification History on your Samsung-powered smartphone. You can see old notifications here.
  2. Disabling it is also simple. Just follow the above steps and then switch the toggle to Off.

How long does a Notification stay in History?

Notifications on Android phones are only saved for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the notification will be removed from the history page. This concludes the guide on how to easily view old notifications on your Android smartphone. Please note that this feature is available on smartphones running Android 11 and above. What do you think about the notification history feature in Android? Do you enjoy this or do you just want a few other ways to play?Share your mind withinside the feedback phase below.

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