Here Are 7 TikTok Alternatives That You Must Try In 2024

TikTok is one of the platforms that has gained popularity in such a short period of time. This sparked a trend towards short-form video content that takes you on a never-ending video browsing journey. However, times have changed and TikTok is in difficult waters. ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, is at risk of being banned in the US. When? You can’t be sure. Due to the uncertainty surrounding TikTok, content creators and viewers are turning to other platforms that offer users the ability to scroll and watch short video content. A significant number of these platforms offer similar features to TikTok, and we can expect more platforms to join the race in the coming months. So if you’re thinking about looking for another platform that offers short video content, here are a few options to check out.

Best TikTok Alternatives To Try In 2024

TikTok was first launched worldwide in 2016 and has since become so popular worldwide that even well-known brand accounts have appeared on the social media platform. There are many reasons why people prefer TikTok over other social media platforms

  • The ability to go live
  • Interact with content creator
  • Add and message your friends within the platform
  • Easily share content to other platforms like messaging services


One of TikTok’s closest and biggest competitors is Instagram. When Instagram was founded, it was just a photo sharing platform. However, over time, simply sharing photos becomes much more than just sharing photos. Instagram has introduced a Reels section where you can scroll for hours watching fun and interesting short video content posted by creators around the world. You can easily follow your favorite creators, like their content, and even leave comments and tag friends. Instagram’s algorithm is quite powerful and delivers the content you like through the Reels section.

Facebook Reels

Meta is another social media app on this list. Yes, Facebook also offers unlimited browsing in the Reels section. It’s the same as Instagram. Although there are many content creators on Facebook, did you know that you can also watch videos created by Instagram creators on the Facebook app itself? The difference between Facebook and Instagram Reels is that you can react to Reels on Facebook, unlike the single type option available on the Instagram app.


Yes, even Snapchat has a small dedicated section where you can watch short videos. Not only can you send and receive stories to boost your Snap Streak score, but you can also watch short video content. These short videos can be accessed by tapping the play icon at the bottom right of the screen. While it’s great that your favorite app also has the ability to browse short video content, there’s a lot of room for improvement when browsing short videos on Snapchat. Starting from Course , this is a good platform if you run a small business or any other business that wants to grow and engage your target audience.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube has also been producing short video content for many years. While we all stream YouTube content from creators we’ve been following for years, it’s also a good platform to watch short video content when you have some free time. If you plan to stay on the YouTube platform with your short-form video content, there may be opportunities to grow and gain a large audience. You can also expand your channel by switching from long to short video modules.


This is a social media platform that you wouldn’t expect to see videos on. But hey, they do it now. You can watch a large number of short videos based on the content you add or the cards you create. Unlike TikTok and other platforms, you cannot scroll video by video. These videos are scattered around, so you’ll have to scroll through and watch them. We can hope that sooner or later Pinterest will add a dedicated section where users can browse different short video content based on their likes, pins and boards.


Triller is another TikTok alternative that you can access in case TikTok gets banned. Triller is more about discovering new music and seeing the world get more out of music through short videos. Now you can post any video content in addition to music-related videos, as long as it doesn’t violate Triller’s policies. The Triller app has a decent number of editing tools and a wide selection of audio tracks you can use.


You may have never heard of the Zoomerang app if you are only interested in watching short video content from Instagram and TikTok. Now, if TikTok gets banned, you can expect Zoomerang to become the next biggest short video app. With Zoomerang you can not only edit and upload your videos but also create them using the built-in AI tools. With these AI tools, you can edit videos and images in just a few seconds and a few clicks. The user base is not very large and currently stands at 20. million users.

This concludes the list of all TikTok alternatives that you can use in 2024, regardless of whether the main platform is banned or not. Eventually, users will flock to the platform that hosts their favorite short-form video content creator. All the platforms mentioned in the list above have a significant number of users and creators, so you can stick with one platform or simply create an account on any available platform.

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