Free & Useful iPhone to PC Transfer Software in 2024

Why need to transfer data from iPhone to PC?

We all love using our iPhones to snap photos and videos, capturing life’s moments. Plus, as we use our iPhones, we generate many important files.

Whether you need to edit these files or back them up to prevent data loss, transferring phone data to your computer is a pretty common task. And since there are so many Windows PC users out there, figuring out how to finish iPhone data transfer on PC is something most iPhone users need to know.

What kind of transfer tool will be favored by people?

Due to the differences between Windows and iOS systems, transferring iPhone data to a Windows PC might seem a bit challenging. So, it’s important to choose user-friendly software to make this process easier.

What kind of transfer tool will be a good choice? Conclusions are here:

  • To protect data security, it’s crucial to avoid accidental data leaks.
  • Stable transfer is essential, especially when you need to move lots of data.
  • The software needs to be able to recognize multiple common file formats.
  • A variety of iPhone models are used, wide compatibility is also important.

So is there any recommended software option that meet these requirements? Absolutely!

FoneTool – Free and fast iPhone-to-PC transfer software

I’ve previously attempted using Windows Explorer to directly import iPhone data to the computer, but that only works for photos and videos stored in the Photos app.

So, I started trying to find a good third-party software to make this process easier, until just the other day on Facebook, I get a software called FoneTool. After using it, I discovered many of its advantages.

  • Fast transfer speed: I use it to transfer 3964 full-resolution photos and you guess what? It only took less than 9 minutes to complete the process.
  • Various file formats are supported: I tried to transfer many file types of photos, videos, music, contacts, etc. and all of they can be moved successfully, including jpg, png, gif, heic, bmp, jpeg, mov, mp4, m4v, mp3, wav, m4r, m4a, m4b, and so on.
  • Stable and safe: The process only relies on a USB connection, so the whole process was super smooth, with no glitches or transfer errors popping up.
  • Excellent development team: After checking out the product’s website and relevant information, I found that it was developed by a professional team with extensive experience in safeguarding global data security.
  • Easy-to-use interface:The entire product interface is super straightforward and easy to operate. So I easily finish all iPhone data transfer tasks within few clicks.
  • Wide compatibility: I tried several models of iPhones, including the latest ones, and tested the transfer on different Windows systems. FoneTool managed to recognize all the devices flawlessly.

To airdrop from iPhone to PC, I only went through a few simple steps.

Step 1. Connect an iPhone to the Windows PC > If asks, tap Trust on it to let the computer access the data.

Step 2. Launch FoneTool > Click the Phone Transfer option > iPhone to PC > Click Get Started.

Step 3. Click the “+” icon to select files > Click the “OK” button to confirm the choice.

Step 4. Click the Start Transfer button to begin the task. And I have changed the storage path from the Transfer Settings.

Well! After completing the transfer from iPhone to PC, I also tried using this software to transfer all data to our friend’s new iPhone and it also do a good job! With just a single click, I moved all the app data from the old iPhone to the new one.

Surprisingly, there weren’t any error messages popping up, and over 60 GB of data are transferred easily!


After reading our review, I hope you now have a clear idea of how to choose a good iPhone data transfer software. Whether it’s transferring data from iPhone to PC or vice versa, from the highlights and steps outlined above, you can see that FoneTool is a software worth considering.

It’s been chosen by over 3,000,000 users for transferring, backing up, and managing their iPhone data. I believe that after reading this article, you’ll soon become one of its loyal users too!

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