5 Best Resource Management Software in 2024

Resource management software helps companies manage project workload, allocate appropriate resources, and track project deliverables to complete projects on time and within budget.


Wrike is part of Citrix, a world-renowned cloud and virtualization company. It has extensive features to ensure that resources and team leaders remain structured throughout the project lifecycle.

Software creates visual projects using Kanban boards and Gantt charts and collaborates in a distributed environment and across multiple projects.

The dashboard divides your work into three sections: Tasks, Projects, and Folders. Folders are a hierarchical structure used to organize tasks in projects. Every project has a specific framework. The project manager can assign individual tasks to individual resources as well as dates and appointments.

The software has built-in templates to help you maximize resource and project productivity in a variety of ways, including creating product roadmaps, visibility of upcoming projects, effective communication plans, breaking complex projects into easy-to-implement phases, etc .

Wrike resource management features

  • Project automation and risk estimation
  • Provides 360-degree visibility of end activities
  • Tailor-made tools for every team and every industry
  • Powerful tools like voice commands and smart replies

Wrike platform allows 400+ integrations such as Salesforce, CRM software, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and many others that will not stop or hinder the successful implementation of commitments.

Is Wrike free?

Yes, it has a free version with limited functionalities. The software is subscription-based, and its price starts at $9.8 per user/month. The software can also be tested free of cost for 14 days during its trial period.


Kantata is an award-winning software for dynamic resource optimization. In 2021, it won first place in G2 Grids’ resource management, project management and construction management categories.

Used to deploy teams in real time based on business scenarios with different needs. The software allows you to see the impact of changes on productivity and profits after making changes to resources.

It has the unique feature of planning the resources required for upcoming projects.It also allows you to analyze the needs and profitability of ongoing projects.

This software contains everything you need to manage your assets in real time and meet your ever-increasing expectations.


  • Designed to demonstrate continuous improvement with real-time response
  • Defining areas for sustainable development
  • Help balance resource competencies based on project demand
  • Assessing multiple plans concurrently


Teamdeck is a versatile and widely used RMS system. The company says its wealth management app is used by teams in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, the Middle and Far East, and Africa.

The tool includes all the necessary access options for resource management such as planning, scheduling, time recording, vacation management and much more. With a simple calendar view, you can perform important tasks such as: B. Track unassigned resources, assign tasks and monitor their schedule.

Based on sales or invoicing, managers can calculate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI (Return on Investment), and their adaptive reporting helps determine team engagement.The software dashboard helps you predict future project requirements based on current projects.

It also allows you to correctly follow the team’s work and vacation schedule. With the ability to manage holidays through approval/rejection processes, including holidays and resource absence reasons, Teamdeck gives you full control over resource usage across multiple projects.


Smartsheet turns you into an asset management professional and provides a bird’s eye view of your company’s routine activities.

With the advanced time tracking you can record working hours down to the minute, so you can get the best out of your employees. The People section provides role-based access and can help you manage full-time employees and contractors.
Plus, you can review any project and get data indicating under- or over-utilization of resources.

Additionally, Smartsheet 100 supports undo and redo operations in an active browser session.Project templates allow you to update or import multiple projects at once.
Ultimately, reporting on time, expenses, budget and usage makes it easier to analyze overall performance and improve future projects accordingly.

Finally, you can discover everything and more with a 14-day free trial without a credit card.

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